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It was in the basement that Matt Jaffe found his parents' copy of 'My Aim Is True.' He'd recently been given a turntable as a gift, and in short order he proceeded to use it so much he nearly wore out the grooves of the Elvis Costello vinyl.

If that sounds unusual for a teenager today, that's because Matt Jaffe is an unusual teenager.

This was the last time many in attendance would get the chance to spend an evening at the Meadows, and both bands ensured it would be memorable.

Rome Ramirez emerged with a red Solo cup and wasted little time giving the fans what they came for.

One topic that has remained constant for the past three years was one’s perspective of Rome Ramirez, lead singer of Sublime with Rome, and frontman of his new solo venture.

The line has been drawn in the sand, and there are absolutely two sides to this musical tug of war.

“It’s come to my attention that they are closing this venue down, he said.

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Co-produced by Paul Leary and Rome, the 11-song album follows the band’s 2011 debut, Sublime with Rome features original Sublime bassist Eric Wilson, vocalist and guitarist Rome and drummer Josh Freese.Saturday night marked the final chapter for two of Southern California’s most prolific and enduring bands at Orange County’s largest outdoor concert venue, as the tandem of the Offspring and Sublime with Rome bid farewell to Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre with one last hurrah.With each band boasting a catalog of hits that could’ve gone well past curfew, most of the evening was a harmony between the fans and the stage that echoed through the hills.However, The Pier was in attendance for Rome’s first solo national tour on his stop in Denver, Colorado.

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Obviously, with a high-profile performer like Rome Ramirez, the topics are endless, yet there were plenty of details that had to be discussed.And with 'Blast Off,' his first official EP, he's got an exceptional debut to show for it.