Updating weather

27-Mar-2016 04:33

But because there were some problems with applications I use daily, I reverted back to my old Android 6.0.1 build. Maybe something with battery optimizations or something?I don't have to mention to you that widgets that aren't updating are very annoying.Since a couple of days/weeks, I noticed that my widgets aren't updating anymore on my home screens of my Nexus 6 (Android 6.0.1).It's not related to a single widget, it's all of them.The weird thing is that the error shows up between the sunset image and the sunset time.I've narrowed it down to running the clock module and the current_weather modules at the same time.

I'm running the snippet on the Pi without any issues.

If you choose to continue using the service, you can purchase your API key from World Weather Online.

Once you receive your API Key, you can enter the key in the field within the Weather Widget and select Key-Type "Premium.

Loading an incorrect firmware version is likely to cause your console to stop working.

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Each firmware update revision was originally denoted by its release date alone, though the version number is more important nowadays.Do you have any idea where I should look in the web inspector to find the source of the data?