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05-Oct-2016 21:17

This week, I discuss my concerns with the governor's attempts to weaken the Department of Natural Resources and hamstring the DNR from purchasing more public lands for conservation. To the dismay of environmentalists across our state, Governor Walker's budget proposal muddies Wisconsin's pristine environmental legacy. Walker's budget drastically cuts funding for our state parks.

The governor's proposal would remove all state funding for our state parks - .6 million, or more than 1/4 of state park funding.

AFSCME and our allies spread the word of this sneak attack and its backers quickly abandoned the idea.

Follow the link for a full description of the dead-on-arrival proposal from AFSCME Lobbyist Susan Mc Murray.

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The governor unveiled his proposals to end the state's Labor and Industry Review Commission, Educational Approval Board and Judicial Commission in his biennial budget proposal last week.

Wisconsin's Republican-contolled legislature completed work on a terrible two-year budget for the state on July 8.