David henrie dating elle mclemore

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This is the last straw for London and she escapes to Parrot Island via helicopter.

Special guest star: Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin Guest stars: Erin Cardillo as Emma Tutweiller, Tiya Sircar as Padma, Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink Co-star: Ginette Rhodes as Eunice Pickett When the SS Tipton makes a special trip to pick up London from Parrot Island, Bailey, Moseby, and Woody end up in the island's jail because all of the parrots left for Seal Island after Tipton Industries cut down all the trees.

An American handsome actor, television writer and producer who is best known for Wizards of Waverly Place. Now he is single, maybe he is waiting for right girl to come into his life.

He is son to Linda, who is a talent manager and James Wilson Henrie, a producer.

Cody decides to enter a yo-yo contest to make some money and Zack agrees to take over both his and Cody's jobs on the ship so Cody can prefect his yo-yo trick.

10 October 2008A crush's rich "boyfriend" and rude mother try to keep Zack and her away from each other.

After that, he became a leading character in the Hallmark movie, Monster Makers, with Linda Blair and George Kennedy.

He has featured in several shows like Providence, Without a Trace, The Mullets, The D.