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You have to be Occupy Love Check out this powerful song from Ta'kaiya Blaney (Watch it full screen for full effect). With the advent of whole-systems thinking and perceiving, our attention has shifted beyond thinking of relationship as meaning between human and human or the mere elements of any given system; economic, natural... The difference between reflecting what is and creating what is has blurred, and… Leonard Schlain suggested that great advances in science were historically preceded by advances in the perception of artists.

Includes all forms of education; all ages, species and cross-species; formal and informal; awareness of cultural memes and assumptions; perceptual filters; scientific studies; the brain while learning; the psychology of learning; learning to learn,… Infrastructure refers to the basic underlying framework of any internal framework, system, organization, or facility that serve a given locale for example – transportation, energy, communication systems, schools, military, food systems, etc. The wheel and the spheres are activated through Spiritual Activism when we create and get involved, connect with, and… Any means of communication is technically part of the media, and what-ever this encompasses keeps growing, and along with it, the complexities of its power to influence.

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Especially watch from to which goes thru the birth of the wheel, the chakra meditation and the Wheel of Co-Creation.